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How To Deactivate A Cat


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11th Jul, 2011 09:23 (UTC)
Yeah, the momma grip.

I had to use that the other day: Frigg was in the litter tray and about to crap over the side for no obvious reason (unless it was laziness). I shoved her hindquarters back where they belonged, and she took exception -- swore at me and tried to climb out. So I employed the momma-grip (scruff of neck) and she instantly went into kitten-debug-mode and did her business on the designated spot without further protest.

Works on rats, too.
11th Jul, 2011 09:40 (UTC)
Very useful at pilling time too.
(Deleted comment)
11th Jul, 2011 12:13 (UTC)
OK, I just spent half an hour trying to Google that quote and getting nowhere. You're going to tell me it's your own, now, aren't you?" =:o}
11th Jul, 2011 10:05 (UTC)
I shan't be letting the kids see this while there is a chance they can fight their way into the stationery cupboard
11th Jul, 2011 11:10 (UTC)
You gotta love cats... fuzzy little psycho's with fists full of switch-blades, and an off switch by way of compensation..
11th Jul, 2011 11:53 (UTC)
Doesn't work so well on ours, she still fights even when you grip her!
11th Jul, 2011 13:40 (UTC)
Your cat is an alien.
11th Jul, 2011 12:39 (UTC)
Heh. With my mum's last cat, you'd have first had to actually get hold of her in order to be able to get the clip on. This was somewhat difficult when any attempt to grab her resulted in a whirlwind of several heads, umpteen feet, and innumerable claws.
11th Jul, 2011 13:38 (UTC)
Cat casts Bladestorm!
11th Jul, 2011 17:07 (UTC)
I have to try this. Where are my binder clips, and why have my cats disappeared?

(of course I knew the manual version, it just didn't occur to me you could automate it!)
11th Jul, 2011 18:34 (UTC)
that video came up as "ACCESS DENIED" at work - with a warning that it contained "adult material"

so apparently my IT department consider it to be porn.

11th Jul, 2011 23:04 (UTC)
Am I the only one to think. Handy way to X-Ray / scan a cat without having to resort to anaesthesia.
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