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We moved our annual BBQ to July because the way the weather has been the chances of it being nice are better in July than August.

It's pissing down out there!


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16th Jul, 2011 10:23 (UTC)
Soggy here too. There seems to be a band of rain moving steadily east. With luck there'll be some drier weather behind it...
16th Jul, 2011 13:17 (UTC)
Doing it Dogs & Cats here too!
16th Jul, 2011 14:27 (UTC)
I'm sorry - I think I jinxed it when I planned an 8-mile walk today. Which, perhaps unsurprisingly, has been cancelled.
17th Jul, 2011 14:17 (UTC)
Just as well I left early - I got home in the dry but it's thunderstorm here now.
17th Jul, 2011 14:40 (UTC)
Glad you made it back in the dry at least. It was good to see you.
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