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Books 2011

Another year over, Books to read pile still winning. Should have posted this days ago but made the mistake of saying I'll just do one puzzle in Portal 2 first. HA! Looking at this it would be interesting to do a page count comparison between years instead of just titles as there are less books (87) but a lot of thick tomes in there. It certainly doesn't feel like I've read any less.

The Bones of Avalon - Phil Rickman
Schild's Ladder - Greg Egan
Wizards at War - Diane Duane
Deeds of the Disturber - Elizabeth Peters
The Last Camel Died at Noon - Elizabeth Peters
The Gutbucket Quest - Piers Anthony & Ron Leming
Looking For Jake and Other Stories - China Mieville
The Coming of the Terraphiles - Michael Moorcock

Dhalgren - Samuel R Delany
Death in a Deckchair - Milward Kennedy
Dangerous Women - (ed) Otto Penzler
Duma Key - Stephen King

Fiddlers - Ed McBain
The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories - (ed) Michael Cox & R A Gilbert
The Con Man - Ed McBain
Temeraire - Naomi Novak
Flirt - Laurel K Hamilton
The Joys of my Life - Alys Clare
Necropolis - Tim Waggoner
The Frumious Bandersnatch - Ed McBain
Labyrinth - Kate Mosse
Enchanted Glass - Diana Wynne Jones

The Beloved of my Beloved - Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia
The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley
Henry VIII : Wolfman - A E Moorat
Fathom - Cherie Priest
Shroud for the Bishop - Peter Tremayne
Moxyland - Lauren Beukes
A Strange Story - Edward Bulwar Lytton

The Apocalypse Codex - Charles Stross
After Hours : Tales from the Ur Bar - (ed) Joshua Palmatier & Patricia Bray
Dead Of Winter - James Goss
When the Kissing Had to Stop - Constance Fitz Gibbon
Spellsinger - Alan Dean Foster
Bug Jack Barron - Norman Spinrad
Glory In Death - J D Robb

The Big Meow - Diane Duane
The Suspicions of Mr Whitcher - Kate Summerscale
Mistress of the Art of Death - Ariana Franklin
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town - Cory Doctorow
The Noble Outlaw - Bernard Knight
The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi
Innocent In Death - J D Robb
M is for Magic - Neil Gaimen
A Christmas Promise - Anne Perry

The Tomb of the Golden Bird - Elizabeth Peters
The Way Through the Woods - Una McCormack
A Christmas Odyssey - Anne Perry
Surface Detail - Iain M Banks
Treachery In Death - J D Robb
Hunter's Moon - Paul Finch
Under the Dome - Stephen King
Touched by an Angel - Jonathan Morris

Creation In Death - J D Robb
Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce
The Island Where Time Stands Still - Dennis Wheatley
The Hand of Justice - Susanna Gregory
Ceremony In Death - J D Robb
A Vein of Deciet - Susanna Gregory
Conspiracy In Death - J D Robb
The Mysterium - Paul Doherty
Holiday In Death - J D Robb
The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester
This Immortal - Roger Zelazny
Paradox Lost - George Mann

Bullet - Laurel K Hamilton
The Templar, the Queen & her Lover - Michael Jecks
Mother of Storms - John Barnes
Black Man - Richard Morgan

Acceptable Loss - Anne Perry
Inkspell - Cornelia Funke
A Plague of Heretics - Bernard Knight
Dorchester Terrace - Anne Perry
Wolf Speaker - Tamora Pierce
Salem's Lot - Stephen King
The Murderer of Sleep - Milward Kennedy

The Time Travellers Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
Special Deliverance - Clifford Simak
Centaur Aisle - Piers Anthony
The Holmes - Dracula File - Fred Saberhagen
For The Win - Cory Doctorow
The Crystal Singer - Anne McCaffrey

The Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories - (ed) Peter Haining
New York - Edward Rutherford
Thou Shalt Not Steal - Pip Vaugh-Hughes
An Old Friend of the Family - Fred Saberhagen
The Stand - Stephen King

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