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Taste Test

Tesco Green Ginger Wine.

Not so much a wine as a green ginger whinge. I'm sticking to Crabbies.


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21st Jan, 2012 22:17 (UTC)
have you tried Moniack Castle's ginger wine? It's not green, but it is gingery.

21st Jan, 2012 22:28 (UTC)
Not seen that this far south.
21st Jan, 2012 23:05 (UTC)
Asda does one that is good for cooking and mixers. It's not as sweeet as Stones or Crabbies. It goes by the name of "Dales". Our local M&S does a nice one but they don't have it in very often. Aldi does Church's which I prefer over Stones and Crabbies too, but then I prefer my drinks not too sweet.
22nd Jan, 2012 09:04 (UTC)
I'll check them out. Aldi is on the way to Asda and I'm looking for the ginger hit more than the sweetness.
22nd Jan, 2012 08:29 (UTC)
I like the Crabbies, but the other half would rather drink Stone's Original.
1st Feb, 2012 21:13 (UTC)
One of the first signs that Xmas was on the horizon used to be Ann buying a bottle of whisky and a bottle of ginger wine. I don't think I've had the latter in the past four years.
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