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Hey James

Fo Paws finally put your name on their shirt.


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21st May, 2012 10:46 (UTC)
About time. I saw those being sold at Eastercon and commented to the seller that the author's name was well known and ought to be on there.
21st May, 2012 10:49 (UTC)
Jo Walton and I did the same when we met at that table.
21st May, 2012 13:43 (UTC)
Fo Paws are from Kentucky? And the other guys who do the shirt David Weber keeps quoting are Texans, right?
21st May, 2012 13:45 (UTC)
Rights for individual artworks belong to the artists

Although not the rights for individual words. Nice shirts but of course I don't see a penny from them.
21st May, 2012 14:10 (UTC)
Kind of a strange combination of Kentucky and San Diego, but yes.
21st May, 2012 18:42 (UTC)
The address on the slip that came with the shirt is Escondido, California. Jane and Scott Dennis.

I ordered it at Easter so had to wait untill they were next bringing a load over for it to be posted without international shipping pushing the price up.
21st May, 2012 16:00 (UTC)
I thought the quote was older than that...
21st May, 2012 18:43 (UTC)
It's been misattributed a lot.
22nd May, 2012 02:18 (UTC)
I plead guilty of having purchased one without the proper source noted. Mea culpa.
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