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Mungo update

He's been poked and prodded and had his temperature and bloods taken. Vet found nothing immediately worrying and says he is generally in good health so it's now a question of waiting for the blood tests to come back and if they show anything then the fun of getting a urine sample. I can't see him thinking much of having to pee into a shallow tray with little plastic balls in it instead of the nice broad deep one full of Catsan. Should know in a couple of days.



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25th Sep, 2012 17:43 (UTC)
Erf. Hope he's back to normal soon.
25th Sep, 2012 20:12 (UTC)
Normal is best scenario but even if he has got to have some permenant changes made to his diet I'll be happy just to know where we stand.
25th Sep, 2012 18:37 (UTC)
Best of luck with Mungo's tests. Yeah - the shallow tray with plastic balls has been a pain here too. With Londo I end up having to shut her in a small room with it until she has to co-operate. With Kosh, I could actually use a little 'scoop' on a test tube and pop it under her at the right moment.
25th Sep, 2012 20:13 (UTC)
I wish it would be so easy. Half the time he doesn't even piss in the tray, he goes outside and pisses in strategic parts of the gardens either side.
26th Sep, 2012 01:23 (UTC)
Best of luck with Mungo. Hopefully it won't be anything too serious.
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