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Mungo update 4

The results are in and Mungo is diabetic. Now we have to get trained in giving him insulin. What fun. Beats any other reasons he's been draining his water dish twice a day though.



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3rd Oct, 2012 13:37 (UTC)
We coped with a diabetic cat for a number of years. Kosh found being held more annoying than the jab in the scruff of the neck. Most of the time I don't think she noticed the jab.
3rd Oct, 2012 16:53 (UTC)
Best wishes to him.
3rd Oct, 2012 21:15 (UTC)
3rd Oct, 2012 17:51 (UTC)
As indicated above, we have some experience with this - I'm happy to be a resource for you if you should have need of one.
3rd Oct, 2012 20:12 (UTC)
Thanks. I may take you up on that. We're seeing the vet on Friday to get shown the ropes but an extra resource is always a help..
(Deleted comment)
3rd Oct, 2012 21:15 (UTC)
Not half as glad as I am.
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