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Mungo update 6

(Or, a day in the place where they stick pins in good cats who should be productively engaged in watching the bird feeder from the comfort of their bed in the library window...)

Helmuth, murphys_lawyer speaking for herself here. It's been a week since we were trained in the mystic arts of giving acupuncture to cats without gettng shredded, so it was time to see if the insulin was going Mungo any good. Subjective observations such as "he's not been completely draining his water bowl" and "that's the first time he's used the scratching post in a while" being Not Scientific Enough, we had to leave him at the vet's for a day while they took blood samples at regular intervals to check his glucose levels.

So after seeing the children off to school and suitably caffienating ourselves, it was time to load up the Feline Excursion Vehicle and drive him there before going into work. (Just before we did, the power went off, but that's another story). Cat duly deposited, but herself had to go back with his kibble which we'd forgotten to take with us...

I picked Mungo up this evening after dropping No. 1 daughter and her pack off at the Guide hall. Good news: the insulin's obvioualy working, with a classic curve throughout the day. Not so good news: the dose is now 3 units twice a day to get the peaks down, but they're confident the next glucose tests on Monday week will show that's doing the trick.

So; another week of having a cat, which is good. Even the insurance company seems to be playing nice, which is even better.



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13th Oct, 2012 06:14 (UTC)
Good news, and very encouraging this early.

Kosh would be so stressed by the glucose curves that I ended up learning to do them at home and reporting the results.

3 units isn't especially high but for eminently sensible reasons they tend to work up to the dosage.
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