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US Army develops heat ray.


Just so long as they don't stick it on a tripod...


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(Deleted comment)
25th Jan, 2007 14:21 (UTC)
I said when they went in this is going to be our generations Korea or Nam. This is why I never believe anything shrub says about space exploration.

As to bombers, heat sensitive triggers are a doddle to build.
25th Jan, 2007 15:24 (UTC)
"It's completely harmless" = the harmful effects will develop some time later so you can't prove it was due to the beam? Cataracts anyone?
25th Jan, 2007 18:53 (UTC)
first time they use it at a demonstration, the crowd should all pull out marshmallows on sticks ;-)

25th Jan, 2007 18:55 (UTC)
"Military officials, who say the gun is harmless, believe it could be used as a non-lethal way of making enemies surrender their weapons"

And if you believe that...

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