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Mungo update 7

Things are looking up. After his latest trip in the F.E.V. to the horrible place where they shave bits of good cats and then stick pins in them (he has a small bald patch on his front right leg this time) he is down to one unit of insulin twice a day. Since his previous visit knocked it from three back down to two here's hoping this trend continues.



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25th Nov, 2012 08:26 (UTC)
Definitely good news! I wonder if Mungo would be a candidate for a once-a-day insulin, when all is said and done?
25th Nov, 2012 10:03 (UTC)
That is something to be hoped for.
25th Nov, 2012 19:11 (UTC)
good news indeed. How old is Mungo now?
25th Nov, 2012 19:17 (UTC)
Roughly 15 1/2 but the vets have regularly said he's in great shape and one even underestimated his age by 3 years a couple of years back (then checked his records and said he's in marvelous shape rather than the good shape he's already said).
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