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Publicity stunt or cockup?

Some preorder customers of Amazon in America have got thir paws on the last half of Dr Who season 7 already. Not found any real spoilers posted yet which makes me think either people are being remarkably well behaved about this or it's a stunt.

The speculation over the trailer is fun though. Check out the way Clara is dressed and the streak of yellow flying past her 14 seconds in.


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13th May, 2013 10:56 (UTC)
Yes, there's more than one discussion about whether that yellow streak is what we think it is :-)


And they've even matched the tree in the background here ...

And yes, looking at the clothing, I have a good guess who/what Clara may be ...
13th May, 2013 14:32 (UTC)
She looks very like either Jo or Sarah Jane. The outfit is similar to the one Jo wore in Terror of the Autons which, given the number of shout outs to classic era Who we've had, may be a big clue to what's going on.
13th May, 2013 15:26 (UTC)
The Cybermen made a foreshadowy point about how you could figure out the Doctor by what was missing from history, the hole he'd left when he deleted himself from it ...

... also the Cybermen got to see all the reincarnations of the Doctor, as did we, which also seems fairly foreshadowy ...

... and if the Doctor never existed in history, then what of all his companions ... lots of hanging ends there ...
13th May, 2013 18:48 (UTC)
Deleting yourself from history will leave a nice big hole for people to fill with myth and the Doctor will quite nicely fit the role of Wandering Jew considering how many names have been given him over the centuries. His companions could be a string of Benjamin Bathurst cases. Plenty to play with there but I don't think they will get that erudite.
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