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Banksie RIP

I think the first time I met Iain Banks was in the fan room at Conspiracy 87 where I sat at a table chatting with him, Terry Pratchett and David Brin while we made the pile of fliers into paper planes and tried to see how close to landing them in the chandelier we could get (alomg with about half the rest of the assembled fen).

After I moved to Edinburgh in 89 we regularly bumped into each other at various pub meets and I'm sure I still owe him several pints.

Last time I saw him was probably Novacon 40 as I don't recall seeing him being at Eastercon since he was guest at Odyssey and he was still the same easy to chat to bloke as when we first met. I just wish I'd been able to chat more than a few words at the bar but that's how it goes.

My thoughts right now are with Adele who I also know from the SF Soc days.

Let us all raise our glasses in a toast to a great man as well as a great writer.

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