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Bic for her pen range

I was going to get snarky about this after I heard about it on News Quiz but the comments thread has already done it for me.


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30th Jun, 2013 23:27 (UTC)
Thanks :D

After a day of lots of niggledy things, I needed the laugh I got from that.
30th Jun, 2013 23:32 (UTC)
Glad to pass on the lulz.
1st Jul, 2013 11:22 (UTC)
Oh dear... well, I dunno if the manufacturers read the reviews. but if they do that's going to get rebranded or withdrawn soon. That's weapons grade snark.
1st Jul, 2013 13:51 (UTC)
I see I'm not the only person who was reminded of tampons...
1st Jul, 2013 15:44 (UTC)
Amazon snarky comments are becoming something of an art-form
2nd Jul, 2013 01:44 (UTC)
The reviews were hilarious! Some of the other "For Her" range have equally entertaining reviews.
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