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Mungo update 12

Dose up to 4 units AM, 3 units PM. Checking out diabetic diet kibbles and hoping the pet shop will take back the unopened 4k sack of senior kibble we picked up last week.



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23rd Nov, 2013 05:54 (UTC)
I hope the bet shop takes the kibble back (mine would, but the owner is pretty much a friend nowadays.) If not, consider donating it to a nearby rescue centre. We donated Bren's oh-this-makes-his-allergie-worse kibble to Wood Green.
23rd Nov, 2013 09:37 (UTC)
The only reason I'm not sure if they will change the kibble is because our pet shop has just changed hands. I probably had the same sort of relationship with the old owner as you have with your local shop but the new one I've only met twice. She seems the same sort though so I'll call them in a bit to ask.
23rd Nov, 2013 10:45 (UTC)
Pet shop is happy to take back the unopened kibble and are going to phone their supplier to see if they can get the diabetic formula.
23rd Nov, 2013 07:30 (UTC)
I hope you manage to get diet sorte and his dosage leveled out soon.
23rd Nov, 2013 09:41 (UTC)
The vet suggested Hills Science Diet which Mungo always turns his nose up at but Royal Canin, which he eats at the moment, do a diabetic formula so I'm hoping we will be able to get that.
23rd Nov, 2013 09:45 (UTC)
The forums I read on dealing with diabetic cats didn't have many good things to say about the Hills Science Diet anyway. Royal Canin was regarded more highly.

I had Kosh on Applaws, as it is quite high-protein for a dry food, and as with human diabetics, a certain element of carbohydrate control is a good thing.
23rd Nov, 2013 09:51 (UTC)
I think the vet said Hills partly because that's what they have in stock. There's a place a couple of miles away which we go to occasionally for fish tank supplies that stocks Applaws so I'll check it out if he doesn't take to the Canin. Thanks for the suggestion.
23rd Nov, 2013 11:26 (UTC)
if the petstore won't take it back, think about donating it to a local cat sanctuary.

Dakota refused point blank to eat diet kibble or senior kibble. Since he stopped being on the podgy side shortly after he no longer got access to Apache's left overs, I give him what he wants.
23rd Nov, 2013 12:11 (UTC)
The pet shop has said they will take it back but if they hadn't the local Tesco has a box for a local cat rescue so it would have gone in there. I drop bits in there from time to time anyway when there's stuff on a twofer that I need.
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