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Mungo update 14

After the last trip to the place of kitty torture where we were trained in the fine art of getting more blood out of the cat than he can get out of us we commenced on implimenting same.

Day one: What do you mean you've fed him. It was supposed to start with a starving test!

Day two: sample 1, can't find vein in ear so get blood out of paw.
              sample 2, after several trys to get more blood out of pad cat takes a swipe and buggers off so we decide maybe the auto pricking device is now the way to go and abandon attempt.  Go to vet to get plain needles.

Wait a few days for cat to talk to us again.

Day three: back to ear again after getting a better idea of where to stick the pins and over the day manage to get quite proficient at one holds cat down while other tortures it.  Primula with shrimp supply depleated with bribes. Manage to produce a nice curve and send spreadsheet to the vet.

Result: insulin reduced by 0.5 a unit am but remains same pm. Repeat in three weeks.



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3rd Jan, 2014 02:42 (UTC)
Ahh the joys of cat ownership!

At least you know he isn't unwell - by the amount he's fighting.
3rd Jan, 2014 21:10 (UTC)
It's a learning experience. Kosh was always better about the insulin injections (which I'm not always sure she *noticed*) than the ear pokes. We also had the advantage with her that, being a white cat, the vein on the outer edge of the ear was more obvious than in many cats.
3rd Jan, 2014 21:55 (UTC)
It certainly is athe sort of skill I never expected to have to acquire. Mungo being black and with the odd crinkly bit from fighting makes it a lot harder. We will get there in the end though.
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