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Mungo update 16

Diabetes stable but he's been in a punchup and has a bite under his chin.

Back at half term we went to Centre Parc so Mungo had to go to the pet penitentiary for a week. When we came back they said he was off his food and we put it down to being in a huff after being incarcerated twice in a month.

A few days later I noticed that his gums looked sore on one side so thinking toothache I picked up some Applaws senior gushy fud from the pet shop and he wolfed it down. Meanwhile a visit to the vet was booked where they said it was a bite and gave him painkillers and antibiotics.

This seemed to do the trick and all looked well until Tuesday when I scritched him under the chin and got growled at. Back in the F.E.V. and this time the usual indignities were added to by having the pus being taken from the puss. More antibiotics. Then last night the final indignity...

He had scratched the sore red raw so no choice. Back to the vet next week...



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4th Jul, 2014 21:03 (UTC)
Oh noes! The collar of shame!

But I'm glad to hear that the diabetes is stable.
4th Jul, 2014 21:21 (UTC)
The gushy fud does seem to agree with him. Thanks for mentioning it back when he was first diagnosed.
4th Jul, 2014 21:11 (UTC)
Poor puss. Hope he recovers soon.
4th Jul, 2014 21:23 (UTC)
So do I. They won't give him his booster shots untill he's off the antibiotics and they're due.
4th Jul, 2014 22:26 (UTC)
Oh poor puss. Expedient recovery is wished.
5th Jul, 2014 07:43 (UTC)
4th Jul, 2014 22:51 (UTC)
Oh No! not the collar of shame!

I hope he recovers well, no wonder the poor boy went off his food though.
5th Jul, 2014 07:42 (UTC)
No-one would want to crunch kibbles with sore teeth.
4th Jul, 2014 22:54 (UTC)
Oh no! not the dreaded collar of shame!

Poor Mungo, I hope he's better soon.
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