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Why are people such idiots

Just heard a friend of mine who had managed three months sober went back on the vodka and pulled an Amy Winehouse. Two primary age kids had to come home to that.


Stupid stupid stupid!!!



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15th Jul, 2014 18:50 (UTC)

15th Jul, 2014 18:57 (UTC)
15th Jul, 2014 20:02 (UTC)
poor smalls.
15th Jul, 2014 21:23 (UTC)
We'll do what we can to help but...

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15th Jul, 2014 20:55 (UTC)
How terrible. I'm so sorry.
15th Jul, 2014 21:23 (UTC)
16th Jul, 2014 06:14 (UTC)
Painful to see what must have been a difficult but positive 3 months turn so drastically and badly. So hard on kids. *hugs*
16th Jul, 2014 08:08 (UTC)
She'd tried so many times to get sober and this was the longest she'd managed in about a decade. We really thought she was going to make it this time. No idea what made her lose it.
16th Jul, 2014 10:49 (UTC)
When it gets such a grip, sometimes nothing will release it. Hugs. Hope the smalls have someone else?
16th Jul, 2014 22:01 (UTC)
She had real demons and this time they won.

Her house is a three story terrace with a top floor that had been made into a flat which her ex (the kids dad) had moved into after losing his previous place. Since the place was her dads what I hope will happen is things will continue as is with both sets of grandparents, who are local, acting as cover for when he's working. The boyfriend she's had since she broke with the kids dad lives near too and I'm certain he will do what he can as well as he has a great relationship with the kids.
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