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The bunny has decided she wants to start straightening her hair . Any suggestions for tools since it's one thing I've never had to do?


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9th Aug, 2014 18:23 (UTC)
GHD straightners. About £125.00 a pop. Had my pair for 10 years and they are bloody good.
10th Aug, 2014 13:37 (UTC)
A lot of money to spend on a teen who almost certainly will change her mind once she finds out how much effort it takes but I will keep them in mind for if she keeps it up. Thanks.
9th Aug, 2014 22:30 (UTC)
When I cut my hair short last year I got this brush on recommendation of the hairdresser: http://www.boots.com/en/BaByliss-Ceramic-Straightening-Brush_1020298/

It's quite good - you use it in conjunction with the hairdryer and it does the job without the investment of proper straighteners! I found it a bit fiddly, but then that sort of thing is not my natural territory, so I suspect that would be the case with any gadget of that sort.

I'm about to chop off the majority of the hair again, so I'll be digging the straighteners out again...
10th Aug, 2014 13:44 (UTC)
May be worth trying as a starter kit. If she keeps it up then I can invest in the pricier stuff and move this to the travel bag. Thanks.
11th Aug, 2014 09:27 (UTC)
if she uses straighteners, make sure she's also using the heat protective products, or her hair will fry.

17th Aug, 2014 07:42 (UTC)
Good point
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