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Yesterday was one of those days in spades.  First I went shopping and not only couldn't get the stuff I went for (yazoo chocolate milk in the small bottles) in either of the places I can usually get it.  Then I noticed the pub next to the supermarket which was where we were supposed to be holding the PTA meeting in that evening was closed all week for refurbishment. 

On the way home I popped in to see a friend who is also on the PTA where I learned that a mutual friend, who she sees a lot more of than I do because they go to the same church, had just died of cancer leaving two kids (9 and 5).  We'd become friends at the playgroup we founded because a bunch of us all sprogged about the same time nine years ago and there was nothing to take them to so we made something.  It always shakes you when someone your own age dies.  I suppose it gets less shocking as you get more into the bracket where you expect to go but I think I'm the oldest of our bunch at 40 (minus 3 days).

Then I picked the kids up from school and by early evening was very glad the PTA had been cancelled cos I had Hal sick and running a 103 degree fever (quickly brought down by the pink magic medicine, calpol) and Jodie crying that she didn't want to go back to school because one of her classmates had told her to shut up.  Later she came out with "I don't want to be clever" so Harry's going to have a word with her teacher.  I think she may have managed to show someone up and they're trying to knock her back down to their level.  I've spent a lot of time this school year trying to build her confidence back up to where her ability should have her and I'm not having some little marching moron kicking her back down again.

At least the cats over his cold.

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